Nature Tours: Bird Watching and more
Ertsos Travel Kefalonia

On a series of paths you have the chance to watch birds that either live year round in Kefalonia, or are migrational. In every situation the correct rules of bird watching are followed so as the birds are not disturbed. Kefalonia offers different biotopes, in which there is a chance to see various different species of birds. The routes are thematic and include tours of different ecotypes, where there is a chance to view birds of prey (Buzzard, Honey Buzzard etc), game birds, Cranes Bustards, Waders, Chat and Thrushes etc. The importance of Kefalonia for birds and specifically for the maintenance of specific species has been recognized and 20.000 hectares have been declared as SPA for the protection of specific species. Step into the world of the feathered inhabitants of Kefalonia. Binoculars of high magnification and field-scopes are at your disposal. A half day tour centered around bird watching which takes you around Kefalonia and especially to the parts with a high density of different bird species. The tour is a mixture of jeep transport and light walking and suitable for all levels. This tour can be tailor- made to suit your wishes.