Leisure & Sightseeing: Corelli Tour – Robola Wine factory – St Gerasimos Monastery – Melissanni – Myrtos
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Departure from Argostoli
Argostoli has been the capital of the Kefallonia Region since 1757. It is the island’s commercial and administrative centre, and has beautiful neo-classical buildings. It’s a modern city with a remarkable historic and cultural tradition. Argostoli, built amphitheatrically with a view to the Lagoon of Koutavos, overlooks the fir tree-covered Aenos.

Visit the Kefallonian Robola producers cooperative factory
You can taste local wines among them the famous Robola.

St.Gerasimos Monastery
This is the island’s patron saint and his relics are kept in the monastery’ s smaller church in a silver sarcophagus which is opened during services for the congregation to kiss his feet .Set in the Omala valley ,known for its robola vineyards,the monastery is the island’s largest and more majestic ,with a splendid bell-tower build in the architectural style peculiar to the Ionian Islands.A small hole in the church floor leads down to an underground chamber where the saint lived as a hermit. As a sign of respect visitors should ensure the wear suitable clothing for visiting the church – a sarong is deal to cover up arms and legs.

Visit Melissani Lake
Short tour by rowing boat Melissani lake is a wonderful underground lake with sublime stalactites, where some kind of worship of God Pan took place in historical times. When illuminated by the sun’s rays, sublime colors are reflected on the lake water.

We continue through Sami.
Sami is a beautiful town built by the seafront and one of the four major cities
comprising the four-state Kefallinia, was well-known from Homer’s epic poetry.
When Homer referred to the island, he called it ‘Sami’. Sami remained known in
history from its resistance to Romans. It is the second major port of Kefallinia
connecting it with Italy and one of the most important touristic sea resorts.
In 2001 Captain Corelli’s mandolin was filming at Sami.
We reach the picturesque village of Agia Efimia. It’s a quiet town sporting wide streets and good urban-planning, with a port where numerous yachts from all over the world flock in the summertime.

Photo stop in Myrtos
The most beautiful beach on the island and one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, with snow white sand, a paradise on earth is protected by high rocks while the sea offers sublime combinations with colours ranging from blue green to deep blue.

Arrival to Argostoli.