Jeep Safari – Ainos Mountain National Park Tour
Ertsos Travel Kefalonia

The tour starts in the direction of Mount Ainos, the Black Mountain and its national park. On the slopes of the park the unique Kefalonia fir can be seen and on Mount Roudi, Holm Oak, Arbutus, Carob and shrubs such as Heather, Thyme, Amaranth and many others. Discover rare species of trees and flowers such as the rare, wild orchid. Try to spot the wild mountain horses and enjoy panoramic views of Kefalonia. Fill your senses with sights and smells. Mount. Ainos National Park is the perfect place to take in some Mountain scenery, wildlife and plant life. It has a total length of 10 km and its highest peak is Megas Soros, at 1628m. Recently the road to the peak of the mountain was laid with tarmac allowing easy access to the top. However, the aim of our tour is to take, “The road less travelled.” We will travel through rough, track roads that are off the beaten track and most importantly away from the traditional, well worn tourist routes. You will experience Mount. Ainos in its original beauty. We will traverse the mountain from the southern part to see the wild horses and un-spoilt nature. Stopping the jeep we will walk for 20 minutes to the peak, Megas Soros, here you will have 360 degree panoramic views. Feel like one of the many birds of prey you will see, perched on top of the mountain seeing through the birds eyes surveying the beauty of Kefalonia, the shimmering sea, the greenery and the facing island of Zakinthos, a magical place where all the elements meet and fuse together to offer an absolutely breathtaking experience. Returning to the jeep we continue to the second mountain in the National Park, Mount. Routhi. Mount Rhoudi is an extension of the range to the north-west; its highest peak is Mount Yioupari, which rises up to 1125m. This mountain will give you an unsurpassed and spectacular view of the east side of the mountain with views towards Sami and the mythological island of Ithaca. You may also catch glimpses of eagles, hawks, falcons, turtles, rabbits and other mountain wildlife in its natural habitat. After Mount Routhi we head to the Omala Valley, which is well-known for its famous Monastery of Agios Gerasimos. Agios Gerasimos, a former monk, is the patron saint of the island. He founded the monastery and lived there until his death on the 16th of August 1579. On that date every year big festivals and processions take place. Many miracles are connected to the saint’s relics and icon. Over the centuries the monastery got rich and powerful and its extensive surrounding properties the delicious Robola wine grapes are grown. We travel into a ‘ghost village’ by way of an old mules track, made by the Venetians and one of the first roads ever made on the island, known by few and travelled only by knowledgeable locals. We make a stop here at the old tumbled-down houses, which were destroyed by the earthquake. You have an opportunity to see the original architecture, structure, planning and lay-out of one of the oldest villages on the island. After this we take a ten-minute break. We then move onwards to one of the fine beaches of Livathos with its beautiful, yellow sandy shores and glistening, turquoise-blue waters. Slip beneath the cooling surface and relax on the sun-warmed sand in the shade of an umbrella listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shore. We will stay here for 1 ½ hours, although you may want to stay a lifetime.