Caving Tours
Ertsos Travel Kefalonia

Kefalonia has various different caves of interest including Melissani, Agalaki and Drogarati. Drogarati cave, which is 37 metres below ground and is said to be 150 million years old, has huge stalactites which hang from the roof like a veil. The red colour in the rock is from the iron content and the white from the chalk and limestone. Discover a mystical underground world on a caving adventure under the supervision of experienced guides and equipped with the latest safety equipment. We can organise these trips based on your level ranging from caves of 20 metres deep to 120 metres deep. The basic level of caving needs no prior experience and is suitable for all abilities, the caves are not narrow and there is plenty of light for a clear vision. The professional level is a much longer descent and is in Kefalonia’s largest cave. The expert level has the longest descent of 120 metres, is very steep and requires a change of equipment and ropes during the activity.